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About Ads and Url

Ads and Url maintain pre-defined standards of policies for its web development services. To fortify the connection with our clients, we would like to get you acquainted with our terms and conditions. Listed below are our terms of use which are obligatory for the clients to sign up to use our hosting services. Please make sure to read and understand them thoroughly and stay in compliance with them. Ads and Url solely reserve the right to alter terms and policies. Privacy of clients is our prime concern and hence to provide them with the best services, the mentioned guidelines.

In case of confusion/query/question, please don't hesitate to call us. NOTE: Ads and Url will not be held liable for any refund/money back in case adsandurl.com locates any violation in the respective account.

Modification in Pricing and Packages slots

This is to notify that Ads and Url reserve the right to alter the structure or package plans at any point in project duration. All the requisite information related to services and their prices, given at our website, can be modified at any point of time without prior intimation. Increment or decrement of prices is the sole decision of Ads and Url. The changes would reflect for the new deals and the orders placed prior to the announcement would be served as per the previous slot.

Account Setup

Once adsandurl.com has received the receipt of your payment and completed the screening procedures, only then your account would be set up. It is the sole responsibility of the client to provide us with the authentic/legit information for us to verify. If you don't do so, your account creation would either be delayed or in case of false information, rejected.

Late / Non-Payment

  • INR 2000 would be charged as an administrative fee in case of re-activation of the canceled accounts.
  • All the technical support will be nullified if your account creation gets overdue by 7 days.
  • Your site and services will be suspended if your account gets overdue by a period of 14 days.
  • Your sites and data will be deleted from all our systems in case your account gets overdue by 30 days.
  • During the time span of 30 days, we will try every means to contact you yet it is the sole responsibility of the client to keep up with us and provide the correct and updated details (Address, mobile number, billing information, etc.)
  • In case of a credit card chargeback/cheque bounce/reverse of the transaction, your account would be terminated. Also, your websites, data, details, emails, usernames, etc. would be deleted at once.

Regular Updates for Details

We will use the provided contact information to inform you of timely updates. However, if you fail to catch up with our notices due to changed contact details, we won't be considered accountable for the same. The responsibility to keep us updated with the changed information lies with the clients. We are not responsible for the action taken due to the client's failure to receive or respond to the notices sent by Ads and Url.

Loss of Data and Backup

The usage of our services by the clients is at their own solitary risk. We are not to be held accountable for any data and/or files settling on your account. The client agrees to be accountable for files, data transfer, and maintaining proper data backup and files kept up on Host gator servers.

We are entitled to review weekly backups of data which has been modified or new. These backups serve server restoration purposes. Kindly note that the client is solely responsible for taking the backup of the files owned by them (Take the help of the backup manager included in each control panel).

Cgi Scripts

As per the rules and regulation, it is not allowed to share scripts with the domains which are not provided by adsandurl.com. In any case, if CGI-scripts negatively disturbs the performance of the server or integrity of our network then the scripts will close immediately without any prior notice.

In case the client wants to use CGI, it has to be done only after the written permission from Ads and Url.

Payment and Refund Policy

Payment For Memberships

All the payments for the services done at adsandurl.com will be generated in favor of Ads and Url Pvt. Ltd. only. The payments will be accepted as per the standard regulations set by us. We do not permit any organization or individual to collect payment in the name of another client (i.e any other organization or individual name) or via personal PayPal or personal western union accounts for any rendered services offered by us. You are well-informed that under any circumstances we are not responsible to pay any damage caused due to payments/transactions done in favor of fraudulent individuals or organizations. To safeguard your interests, do contact us immediately without any delay and save yourself from fraudulent people or organizations.

Refund / Money Back Policy

This is to notify you that no money would be refunded for the chosen project or services in case of cancellation and further no claim will be entertained.

We communicate with our clients at regular intervals and carry out the entire project as per the client's requirement so there is no provision for a partial or full refund of the amount.

Once an order for a particular project is placed it cannot be canceled as it is sent for further processing. Your preferences can be changed with a course of time but you cannot claim for refund or money back

Considering some special cases, Ads and Url settle some refunds, then the services will be stalled. If Ads and Url agree to deliver the site/code/template, then it will be allocated within 48 hrs of site shift, domain, etc. All the required usernames & passwords for domain/FTP etc will be provided for the client's ease (If you desire to, we strongly suggest you go for a reputed service provider.

To avoid any mishappening or unwanted technical complications, the company shall not grant you any content through CD, pen drives or movable drives. On the provision of this information, you will be solely responsible for a site login and content-related information. After the handover of the project, we will cease any further support and will not take any query.

In case of any sort of legal dispute relating to Ads and Url's website, it shall be governed only by the laws of Delhi. All the legal issues are subjected to the laws pertaining to New Delhi to the jurisdiction of courts located in New Delhi only.

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