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Still waiting to own a modern website? You have landed up at the right place. Ads and Url, the best web design agency has numerous impactful solutions. We offer web designing services in India, UK, USA, and UAE. We offer a few different types of web designing services including custom, UI/UX, mobile-friendly, and responsive web design. We believe in the passion for bringing more with fruitful solutions. We understand that the website is the natural extension for your brand and explicates the online presence of your business.

From the fast-paced proof of concepts to the large-scale designs, we ensure to maximize the return on your investment by the return on your investment through the collaborative design solutions.

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UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design

"The perfect balance of UX and UI makes your brand stand out"

The best way to resonate with the viewers is to ensure the perfect on-site engagement.

The team of Ads and Url provides a good user experience that takes the user to the predefined journey. We ensure the site looks and feels pleasing to the viewers.

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Mobile-first web design
Mobile-first web design

"Better user experience results in better sales."

In today's era, the mobile-first experience is what requires the most with the best user experience.

At Ads and Url, the team focuses on the enhanced user experience with optimum load times. This makes the mobile design cross-platform compatible.

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Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

"High accessibility creates high visibility."

Google recommended responsive web design as the best mobile configuration.

Taking care of higher visibility, Ads and Url prepare a website with responsive web design. Let the users enjoy the compatibility of a single website on different gadgets with responsive web design services.

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Dynamic Web Design
Dynamic Web Design

"More interactivity leads to a better customer relationship."

Dynamic web design makes websites highly interactive with different elements.

At Ads and Url, we ensure to understand your business inside and out to create a well interactive website. We believe that your brand reflects the business and results in higher sales.

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Custom Web Design
Custom Web Design

"User-centric websites customized to your business."

The website should be according to the customized goals and targeted niche.

Ads and Url team combines technical proficiency with the creativity to provide custom web design.

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Web Design
Creative Web Design

"Creativity is the essence of every web design."

To present the website unique and captivating, Instinct creativity is used.

The designers of Ads and Url are ahead of software efficiency (InDesign or Photoshop) with their internal designing instinct.

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The strands for the glowy web design services

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Overall layout

Perfect space, alignments and shades

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Color scheme

Ideal use of
color palette

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Best use of

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The easiest and strongest NAVIGATION

Why We Are The Most Creative Web Design Agency?

Innovative whizz

The team of Ads and Url focuses on innovation and prioritizes the screen functionality over the user research and strategy. Our main motto is to empathize, prototype and implement our ideas for the pre-eminent creativity.

Experience Rework

Our professionals help the existing products and the services to live up with their full potentials by drawing actionable conclusions with detailed analysis. We aim to dig the source of the pain points and designs the solutions with the premium and validate results.

Robust strategy

From the brainstorming of ideas to the delivery of winning experiences and designs, we understand the transformation of the product from inside and out. One of our executives remain in touch with the clients and make them deeply understand the users and develop experiences.

Motto of Cycle

We work with the goal to attract, maintain and delight your customers. This requires a company culture to get uniquely tailored from end-to-end with the customer experience lifecycle. The team focuses on the out of the box designs and appends the inventive marketing strategies to attain the omnichannel experiences. The garland ends-up with a seamless approach to customer re-engagement.

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